Choosing Maui for your wedding

Have you been thinking about getting married on Maui, but are still not sure? You might love the concept of a Maui wedding, yet you have doubts because it’s more complex and requires more organization…so let us help you decide that it is well worth it!

First all, how many guests will you invite to your wedding? If you are planning to have a smaller wedding with 30-50 people, you can find a hotel or a resort that can accommodate everybody and provide the venue as well, so that’s a win-win. However if you are dreaming about a wedding with 200 guests, it might be a little more difficult to find a venue that has enough room for that many people. Nothing is impossible, it just requires a little more research and searching.

Secondly, would you be okay with the fact that not everybody can show up to your wedding? The ones who can, though, will have the most memorable memories of your big day and they will love Maui and you for giving them an excuse to get out of their “real lives” for a few days.

Lastly, would you go to a honeymoon after your wedding? If so and the destination of your choice would be a tropical island, then having your wedding on Maui is the perfect pick! After your big day you don’t have to pack up and travel, you are already there, surrounded by your loved ones and Maui’s lush beauty.

Let us tell you that Barefoot Minded has witnessed and experienced the most magical weddings on Maui and as two of the most sought-after Maui wedding musicians, we are lucky enough to having played music for hundreds of newlyweds and their guests.