So Many Maui Weddings!

As Maui Wedding Musicians, we like to be well-informed about all things surrounding the Maui Wedding industry, like how many marriages take place here, and how many honeymooners come to the islands. We are constantly amazed at just how many couples join us in Hawaii for their wedding day or honeymoon.

Approximately 60,000 newlyweds a year decides to take their honeymoon in the Hawaiian Islands, which is not surprising, considering that Maui’s nearly perfect weather, the beautiful environment, the laid back lifestyle, the locals’ friendliness, the Pacific Rim cuisine along with the tropical flowers and decoration make the island the perfect wedding, honeymoon and vacation destination.

Hawaii holds a special place in many people’s hearts and they plan to visit the islands for years – so what could possibly be a better reason to do so than a wedding? Your guests will be grateful for giving them an excuse to go on vacation, and not having to pack up and travel to someplace else after your wedding day will make everything easier for you too!

Being amongst Maui’s most popular wedding duos, we have witnessed and taken part in many weddings and we can tell you that the couples who didn’t have to leave shortly after the wedding were way more relaxed and happy. You deserve to chill in this tropical paradise for a few days after all that organizing! Contact us for a quote today, and see how Barefoot Minded can make your island wedding a dream come true!